1. What kind of fucking underwear costs 300$????

  2. Hi guys! So I’ve decided to post a few pages of the manga with translation, and since I’m a manga cleaner maybe do it so it’ll look better than the last time haha, but I can only get it in may, so just wait until then! 


  3. If anyone’s proud of their Candy’s outfit and wants to share it with me that would be great, I legit cannot think of anything for mine. 


  4. kittycatmg6-mcl:

    Everyone always talks about how they want Leigh to be dateable but I think we all know who the real star of the show is…



  5. kittycatmg6-mcl:

    Lysander at his family farm like



  7. Ayy I’m back!

    I’ve been thinking, since the new manga is out, should I buy it and like, post pictures with translation like I did with the previous volume? I wasn’t sure if I should get it because I spent a lot of money on books lately

    but if you guys want me to do it then I would be glad to! 

  8. And here’s the special outfit you get once you have every illustrations. Not sure how I feel about it. Was it worth 300 aps? Haha, no. 



    Since My candy love decided to give us an event instead of an episode and make us pay 89 for every illustration I’ve decided to buy them all and share it with you. Maybe someone already did but then again maybe not so here it is! 

    I present you : 

    Werewolf Kentin

    Zombie Armin

    Devil Castiel (hot!!)

    Skeleton Lysander 


    Mad scientist Nathaniel and witch(?) Amber in the coner


  10. a-completely-useless-blog asked: Hey, I just found your blog and fell in love with it(and you by default)! Anyway, apart from saying "hi", I wanted to ask if you'll make a summary for some of the previous episodes? I mean the ones before 16? I don't mean replaying them(that's just plain cruel), just saying what happens and giving us your commentary and impressions. I'm sure it'd be hilarious. And could you by any chance tell me how high your LOM with Ken has to be when he returns so that he doesn't hate you?

    I guess I could do that, good idea, maybe not now but soon hopefully! And about Ken, I was a bit under 25 when he came back and he didn’t hate me, I think as long as you weren’t mean to him before and didn’t tell Amber you don’t care about him when she made fun of you for being his friend you’ll be fine. 



  11. Episode 20 with a lot of details

    Sooo it took me a while but I finally found the time to do it! Just remember that english isn’t my first language. 


    Candy : "If Castiel’s eyes were a gun we would all be dead"

    Alright, so it starts where episode 19 ended, everyone is in the classroom and Nathaniel is still freaking out about the news. You learn that Mr. Faraize is going to be in charge of pretty much everything (yeah things are bound to go perfectly well right?) and that parents need to sign a paper to make sure they’ll all be there. So Candy get the paper and leave the room.

    Candy remembers she got a gift to give to Rosalya and tries to find her. She gives her the underwear and Rosalya is really happy and finds her funny. 


    Rosalya : "Oh my god you really did it! Ah ah!"

    Candy walks around school and finds Amber claiming she’s definitely going to get the first role,  that she has a gift and all that, because she lied to her father so many times, she adds. Then she finds Castiel who’s really unhappy. 


    Castiel : “I’m going to end up leaving this school”

    Candy : "Yeah! Awesome!" (that one was too tempting I couldn’t help it. It cost me if you’re wondering..)


    Castiel : “‘Awesome” ? ‘AWESOME’ ?”

    Ok so he explains why he’s so upset, and says he doesn’t want to see his parents. It doesn’t sound like they’re treating him badly, just that he doesn’t want to see them, and he doesn’t want them to learn about his bad attitude in school and stuff. Oh and we also learn that his mother is a… air attendant? Not sure what it is in english but it’s… you know… those ladies in the plane that give you food and stuff… Anyway. His father is a pilot. And depending on the company they work with they might or may not be able to be there for the play and Castiel is really hoping they won’t be. 

    Candy walks outside trying to find out what everybody is thinking about the announcement and surprisingly not many people are excited about it. More like no one wants their parents to be there. Capucine says she doesn’t want her parents to make fun of her (which they apparently do a lot) , Lysander doesn’t really care so much, but he says he would like it if the play was a classic like Jean Racine or something, anyway, he says his parents are completely different compared to him and Leigh, as if they were adopted. Iris doesn’t really talk about her parents but she says she’s really nervous about the play. Peggy is really upset she couldn’t find out about any of it before anyone else and leaves. Alexis and Armin are fighting about the choice of the play, because naturally Armin wants it to be based on a video game called Metal gear hahahah!


    Alexis : "It’s my just stupid brother talking nonsense…" 

    Armin : "Who are you calling an idiot?" 

    Candy finds Kentin daydreaming outside and asks him what’s going on and he gets super nervous all of sudden. Oh and he’s blushing. She asks what his dad is going to think of him being in a play and he says he wouldn’t mind, since he’s proud of who Kentin is now. 

    And theeen she finds Nathaniel. 

    He says he’s a bit worried about the play, and Candy says "Oh, here I  thought it was about your parents" .


    (He suddenly dropped his papers on the ground)

    Candy pushes him a bit and he admit he’s worried about his parents finding out about how he lied to them and pretended he was going to study while he was actually practicing for the concert. She push even more and he looks at her silently, the both of us are thinking about what she sawed in the boys locker room. 

    He tell her it’s not the only reason he doesn’t want his parents to come to the school, but doesn’t go further. Candy tells him Amber said the marks on his back and their father are related and Nathaniel gets really upset and leaves looking for Amber. 

    Candy goes back home and stumble upon Castiel in the street. He looks pretty happy and says his parents won’t be able to make it. Then she finds Nina in front of her home. 


    Candy : "Oh, Nina! What are you doing here?" 

    Nina complains about how she haven’t seen Lysander in a long time and Candy TELLS HER ABOUT THE PLAY!!1!??!!?!


    Nina : "WHAT?"

    Candy : (Wh-Why did I tell her?)

    Aaand we meet Candy’s parents. 


    Candy’s mom : "When are you planing on tidy up your books laying on the ground?" 

    Candy gives her the paper and they both happily agree to be there. You got a short scene about her family life but it’s seriously pointless and uninteresting. 

    So! Candy’s late for school (I think.. I know she’s late for something haha) and it’s time to choose the play. The choices are pretty lame and everyone is really unhappy, especially the boys. We have Red Riding Hood, Sleeping Beauty and Alice in Wonderland. I chose Sleeping Beauty and everyone is complaining again apart from Lysander who still doesn’t care. 


    Castiel : "There was one play worse than all of the others and everyone had to vote for it!"

    But since the guys are complaining too much everyone agrees to had one action scene. Boris give them a script on Cyrano that they have to learn before auditioning and Rosalya asks for Candy’s help to convince Mr. Faraize to allow her to work on the costumes, which they do and he accept. Candy talks to Lysander about the play and he eplains that any play can be great as long as it’s well done, so that’s why he doesn’t mind what she voted for. They agree to practice the script when they’ll both be free and she leave. She talks to Nathaniel about the same thing and he accidentally admits that he’s wondering if there’s going to be a kissing scene. 


    Nathaniel : "C-Can we talk about something else? P-Please?"

    Alexis talks about how he wants to help Rosa with the costumes and leaves trying to find her.  

    Candy’s about to go home and the next day, she sees Melody a bit upset because of a girl from an other school apparently is walking around when she is not supposed to, something like that. Point is, she’s upset because she was talking to Nathaniel but she doesn’t admit it.  Candy realize she’s talking about Laeti and finds a Kentin a bit freaked out. "I saw something horrifying", he says. Haha, so, Laeti doesn’t recognize him, and she started flirting with him, but we don’t see it, that’s just Kentin telling us what happened. He doesn’t want to tell her who he is though, he says he doesn’t want to give her the opportunity to start making fun of him like she used to. And then she sees Laeti talking to Armin, pretending she does Cosplay when she actually jas never heard of it before. It’s pretty, weird, I guess.. She just says yes to everything and he doesn’t realize it’s a big lie. She adds, "once I get home I’m immediately asking my mom to change school!" because of the guys she met so far. Candy asks her to go outside because she’s not supposed to be inside the school and she ends up agreeing even though she wanted to stay. Armin decides to go with them, and when Candy say how she finds it weird because he usually hate going outside, he says "Strangely, I’m sure there’s going to be something interesting this time!" *cough*laeti*cough*.


    Candy : "Seriously…"

    And we find Castiel on our way. Candy introduce the two of them and of course, Laeti is still pretty flirty. Castiel likes her. Not much to say about it. 

    I don’t really remember how or why but Candy tells Laeti about Kentin. 


    Laeti : "No waaaaaay!! It’s you, Ken?!"


    "Han, it’s funny how five seconds ago I thought you were cute and now you’re just… Ken." 

    Kentin obviously gets mad and Laeti decides to go or Candy asks her to go or something. Anyway, Candy explains to her that what she did was a bit mean and Laeti doesn’t really see it. To her she never was mean to Ken, I mean even before when they were at the same school, and she just thought she was being normal. But Candy tells her that it might not be how he sees it. Something like that. So Laeti decides to apologize the next time she sees him. 

    Candy goes back inside and find Alexi and Armin trying to cheer up Kentin who claims he’s fine. 


    Alexis : "Come on, you can tell us!"

    Armin : "We won’t laugh at you, promised"

    Candy walks around and sees Lysander looking for her. They practice and keeps talking about how amazing he was. She does it too and he says the same thing about her, and when they get out of the classroom they see Amber looking at them like this:


    Ten seconds before the auditions, Candy hears a noise in the basement and decides to go take a look. 

    Big surprise, she gets locked there by no one else than Amber. 


    Candy screams and hit the door multiple times and Lysander finally find her. 


    Lysander : "I didn’t know she had the keys of the basement…"

    Candy : "Maybe she took her brother’s? Please you need to help me, I’m starting to feel really bad here… (I put my hand against the door)"

    Lysander tell her he got a spare because of the concert, and then realize he doesn’t know where he put it. 


    Candy : (I facepalmed so hard I hurt myself a little)

    Typic Lysander hahahah!

    So Lysander finds it two seconds after and get her out of there. 

    Candy makes it right on time before the audition and when she tell Lysander how nervous and scared she is he held her hand to give her more courage, or something.  


    The end. 

    Well, it might be a bit obvious by now, but I was completely disappointed by that episode, I mean my god, I could write an entire page explaining why. I can’t believe they made us wait so long for this, and the dialogues are just plain unpleasant and unrealistic, to the point where I almost considered proposing to give my help to the person working on it out of pity. Of course, I understand how hard it must be with all the work and everything, but I just think that to this point they should be able to give us an episode of a better quality than this one. I’ve left out a few parts because they were so uninteresting and pointless I didn’t even felt like making you guys read it or even write it for that matter. Maybe it’s just me, maybe I’m just getting too old for that game. It’s going to be my last summary anyway, not my last post though, but I know the english one is catching up so there’s no need for me to do this anymore. I’m glad I did though, I’m happy if it made everyone’s day a bit better at least! 

  12. Hey guys! 

    Episode 20 is out and of course I’m planning on doing a summary with pictures and a lot of details, but I won’t be able to do it right now. It’s probably going to be on Friday. Maybe. Possibly. 

    Looking forward to it though! With the time it took them I’m sure it’s going to be awesome!

    EDIT: I can’t do it now but i’ll try to write it as soon as I have time xx 


  13. Am I the only one who actually have no difficulty finding Nathaniel when I need to?? 

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